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Workshops and Courses

Upstairs in the Forge

we have an excellent space perfect for workshops.

Our volunteers are always hard at work organising a diverse programme of interesting and engaging workshops available to the local community and

the general public.

Workshops for Adults

Tracey Taylor, a Forge Artist Member who works in Studio 9, will be running workshops titled

"Paint the Landscape" - palette knife painting

during the summer on Sundays 7 May, 16 July and 24 September. Full details can be found on her website:

Nadine Sutterby, a Forge Artist Member, will be running Drawing Workshops in Studio 11 - please contact her for further info:

07707244416  or

LollaMac, who has a studio at the Forge,  will have Jewellery Making Workshops at various dates throughout the year - visit for further info:

Philippa Lee, a Forge Shop Member  will be running Fused Glass & Copper Foil Workshops

throughout the year. Please contact her at

or call 08751823853

Nadine workshops.jpg
Clare workshops.jpg
Phillippa workshops 3.jpg

Workshops for Young People

Here's details of Debbi's Doodle Workshops during Spring and Summer at the Forge

Debbi Doodles Summer Workshops.jpeg
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