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Northflock sells premium British sheepskins and accessories from pure and cross breed sheep and cows.  This farm diversification project utilises a by-product of British farming to produce luxury products for you and your home.


Each sheepskin and cow hide is as unique as the animal it came from, so we individually photograph each product so that items sold online match your expectations exactly.


The knitwear we produce is made with entirely British wool from Hill Sheep free to roam upland farms of the North East and Cumbria.  The wool from our flock is incorporated into the designs.


You can meet us in person each Thursday and Saturday at Keswick Farmers Market, or at Allendale Forge Studios by appointment.  Alternatively, head to our online shop at


Visit our Facebook or Instagram page for more of our flock’s antics!

Northfloclk logo

Northfloclk logo

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