MLD Cares

Jane Mitchie set up in MLD Cares in 2010 to promote wellness, healing and relaxation, offering you effective treatments for pain, swelling, oedema, wound healing and relaxation.

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is an advanced, but gentle form of massage used for maintaining and enhancing wellbeing, detoxification, de-congestive, tissue healing and remedial purposes. It is deeply relaxing, pain-relieving and may help provide extra support for the immune system.

Jane also offers Deep Oscillation therapy, characterised by an intermittent electrostatic field built up between therapist and client causing a shuffling effect through the tissues. This unique therapy is very gentle and most people love it! It can be used alongside enhancing the MLD or a stand alone treatment. It has similar benefits to MLD but increases the effectiveness. Incredibly, the oscillations work deeply through the tissue layers down to 8cm. without pressure or increasing circulatory load.

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