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How to properly translate text

A popular task in a foreign language is text translation. It is performed not only by students of a language profile, but also by students of all areas where the discipline "foreign language" is provided. There are two types of translation assignments: oral and written. And if the oral requires simultaneous translation of the text without features, then the written one must be properly formatted so that there are no questions. Written translation Translating a text reliably is not enough to get an excellent grade without help of write my paper service. It is also important to correctly format the text so that the teacher appreciates your work. The standards for text formatting are specified in methodology and the training manual, so before completing the task, carefully read the requirements. How to properly translate text? Pay attention to all conditions to avoid mistakes.

  • The font of the text should be Times New Roman, size 12. Some texts allow size 11 if there is a need to place the translation on one page. But the point size should not be less than 8.

  • Auto indents must be turned off. They are not allowed when making a translation of the text. You should also use single line spacing. If the original text is designed differently, you still need to follow the rules that are specified in methodology which you can find at web page:.

  • All text is justified.

  • Headings are center aligned.

  • Text in tables must be left-aligned. However, free alignment is also allowed if it makes the text more readable.

  • It is important to align the numbers to the right.

  • All original designs such as bold, italic, underlined text are preserved during translation.

  • The left margin should be indented 3 cm, the right margin 1.5 cm, and the bottom and top margins 2 cm.

  • If there is a condition that the original text and the translated text must match in the number of pages, then this requirement must be met. However, often the number of pages in the source and translation differs, and this is not a big mistake, since you need to take into account the peculiarities of languages.

  • Indentation and spacing should be done using Word's built-in functions, not lots of spaces. The teacher can turn on "invisible signs" and you will get a minus in terms of program ownership.

Are you experiencing difficulties in order to properly format the translation of the text ? The specialists of platform will be happy to assist you in this matter! Registration is an important point in the preparation of any work and it plays an important role in the final grade. But to get a well-formed document, you need to try and carefully study the rules. If you do not have time for this, you can order the translation of the text (link to a new order) on the site and specialists will complete it in a short time.

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