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The Procedure for Issuing an Annotation to the Dissertation

An abstract is an official document that has an "accompanying" character. There are no strictly approved standards and samples for its design. In the scientific community, it is customary to write and format it according to the following principles:

  • Font - Times New Roman, 14;

  • Line spacing - 1.5;

  • Paragraphs and indents are standard - 1.25 cm;

  • It is allowed to highlight the title of the document (the word "abstract") in capital letters or in bold / bold type;

  • Highlighting text in different colors is prohibited. It is allowed to highlight the "sub-items" of the file in bold or bold;

  • The text of the abstract should be made in an academic style and printed on A4 sheets, page orientation - portrait;

  • Do not use personal pronouns in the text. The document should emphasize what the author has done. It is best to celebrate it in an impersonal way;

  • The volume of the abstract is up to 500 words, which is equivalent to 2-5 A4 pages.

Expert advice for writing annotations

During the dissertation, the author studies a lot of information, processes it, highlighting the essence, the most important fragments, and systematizes them. It is advisable to write an abstract only as the main part of the study is ready, and best of all, after the design of the project.

The most difficult moment in writing an abstract is to condense the dissertation as much as possible, highlight only the most important points from it, which will help to get the big picture, while noting the importance and significance of the results.

Writing an annotation

Therefore, experienced authors advise that before proceeding with the formation of this document, you must first familiarize yourself with its “analogues” - annotations to previously defended dissertations. This approach will allow to understand how thoughts should be expressed, in what sequence, what turns and clichés are appropriate. Also, you must first read the introduction, conclusion, plan (table of contents) of the work. It is in these sections that the essence is stated.

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