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Three of the Easiest


English is thought of as an easy college degree because it combines two things that many people have been doing their entire lives: speaking grammatically correct English and reading, lots and lots of reading. An English major is low on tests and high on essays, with lots of literature shoved into four years of learning.

An English major doesn’t necessary translate into a career. Instead, people with this major often become writers, teachers, or work in marketing or public relations. The pieces the brain chooses to compose our memories are those that best preserve and protect our self-concept. We have all had experiences where our memory of an event differed from that of another person. While the ensuing argument often presumes that one person is remembering it accurately, and one is not, what is more likely is that each is remembering it from their own angle – one that highlights their innocence as opposed to culpability. While these careers can definitely help feed the “starving artist” stereotype, they can be lucrative in the right industry. Per the PRSA Job Center, vice presidents of PR firms can bring in over 160,000, while account managers average around 52,000.


Communications is the study of communicating with one another, through words and symbols. While communications touches on a variety of subjects, including human interactions, psychology, and humanities, it has a reputation for its easiness.

One reason communications is enticing is because of its career flexibility; this major transcends industries and can be used almost anywhere. Even so, many communications majors plan to go into broadcasting or other media related endeavors. For this reason, it can be hard to gauge an average salary. While workers behind the scenes of a news station may earn around 45,000, news anchors can earn closer to 100,000 and over.


Though education classes can involve critical thinking, child psychology, and many elements of child development, they also involve fun. Education is a popular major , in which one is usually write my homework for me required to take classes like art, gym, and music, classes that involve being taught things like the rules of dodge ball.

Unfortunately, teachers are widely known for being underpaid. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay of teachers in 2010 hovered around 50,000. However, new graduates typically start off much lower. For some, the summers off and good job security may be enough to make up the difference.

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