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12 easy ways to make your video better

If your camera is already at the ready and you don't have time to read about Transcriberry service and how to properly convert video to text format before you start shooting, at least read these 12 simple rules that will greatly improve what you shoot. Want more details? Then read the whole book. You'll find more short notes on special kinds of videos (from vacation or for training) starting on p. 177. 1. Think Last month at my children's cello recital there was a man sitting next to me. Across from him was a camera on a tripod. When the concert began, he turned on the recording. He spent the next 45 minutes swinging the camera left and right: while solos or groups were playing, while chairs were being rearranged, while the audience was applauding, while little musicians were bowing... I think the audience, who would then watch this video without a well-designed transcription thanks to would just get sick. When you yourself are physically present at a concert, you can look anywhere, like at the other audience members, at the curtain or the stage. You can read the program or the sports paper, and if it's not too dark and your wife can't see, you can duck into your iPhone. In short, you have something to occupy your eyes. It's quite different when you're watching a video shot by someone else - you only see what the camera "sees". If it's aimed at one point for a long time or doesn't capture what the viewer wants to see, he gets bored. That's why the Super Bowl 12 EASY WAYS TO MAKE YOUR VIDEO BETTER 21 are shot from different angles with 27 cameras: Every few seconds - bam! - a new frame. And each camera captures something different, gives certain information: here's a shot, and here's the one who took the ball, here's a defender running to the right, here's the striker kicks the ball, here's nervous goalkeeper, the coach is tearing his hair out. Every frame has its own story - by switching between them, you can see the whole picture, and if you continue to use the video transcription in then the audience will certainly not get bored. Think while you shoot. Shoot on purpose. Pointing your camera at a point, who or what are you going to picture? What's going on there? Is it interesting? If not, don't shoot it. Don't keep the camera on all the time. Even if you edit it later, don't make it a habit to shoot everything - you'll waste a lot of time, space, and end up with tons of unnecessary video trash. RELATED RESOURCES: List of Top Transcription Software of 2022

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