Roderick Sutterby

Roderick Sutterby lives in West Allendale
Studied Painting and Ceramics Bath Academy of Art 1962/6


Design Communication High Wycombe School of Art
Painting and Printmaking Stourbridge School of Art 1967/70


Freelance Design & Illustration 1971/95


'Young Contemporaries' London 1965

'Wildlife Art-' Natural History Museum London 1996
Inauguration exhibition- National Conservatoire du Saumon Sauvage France 2001
'The River and the Hill' solo exhibition The Customs House, South Shields 2005


'The Wild Trout' - the natural history of an endangered fish 1989
'Atlantic Salmon'- an illustrated natural history 2005
Featured in 'Fish in Art' and 'Art Matters'.

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