John Fowler

John is enthralled by the beauty, drama and history of upland places, with a special attachment to the North Pennines where he has been lucky enough to live and work for many years.  Close familiarity with the land has been translated into carefully observed and deeply felt paintings, looking at wide spaces and details, walls, buildings, native trees - components of a long established rural environment shaped by the elements and the industry of man.

John’s work is varied, ranging from vigorous, somewhat abstract treatments aiming to reflect the special character of his subject, to far more detailed illustrative approaches - always with an interest in atmosphere expressed through colour, texture and close observation.

Variety is evident in wide ranging technique and use of media.  Most landscapes are constructed by making many layers, scraped down or sanded to revel in selective accidental marks.  John then lives with the result, often continuing to build and develop carefully until the piece feels right.

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