Events at the Forge

Friday Talks in Studio 11

Friday 24 June at 6.30pm

The Universe in Bite Sized Chunks

with Liam Reed

Join us for a gentle introduction to all things
astronomical with the option of asking those big
far reaching questions that have always puzzled you.

You will learn about our solar system, our local neighbourhood, we’ll look at how stars form, why planets
orbit stars and we will even discuss distant
and we will even discuss distant galaxies and the far
reaches of the universe.

£5 from the forge shop


Friday 8 July at 6.30pm

The Knucklebone Floor with Linda France

An evening with award-winning Stagshaw poet Linda France, introducing The Knucklebone Floor, her new book set at Allen Banks.

As well as being an evocation of this much-loved place, it is a highly original biography in verse of Susan Davidson, the 19th century widow who intervened in the landscape of the dramatic limestone erosion gorge and ancient woodland – including designing the knucklebone summerhouse floor of the title.  The collection also presents the voices of other Victorian women, from less privileged backgrounds, who history has consigned to silence. 


The author herself, accompanied by her contemporaries, walked Susan Davidson’s paths during the course of a calendar year, listening to the cycle of the seasons.  Come and hear about Linda's research into the history of Susan Davidson and Allen Banks and listen to her read extracts from the book, which will be available to buy on the night.

£5 from the forge shop

Friday 5 August at 6.30pm

21 years of Isaac's Tea Trail

Join Roger Morris and friends to view the highs,lows and around the houses in pursuit of the legendary tea seller Isaac Holden.

An intimate exploration of the countryside from Allendale's backdoor to nether parts and the wider world". 

parts and the wider world".

There will also be an accompanying exhibition in Studio 11

Studio 11

£5 from the forge shop