Soluphie - Sophie Howgego

“To offer high quality, hand crafted items using local products and recycled materials, which in turn showcase the creativity of the artist for the enjoyment of the customer”.


Having raised a family of four and taught for many years, I have always hankered for a space in which I could be truly creative without the constraints of space or interruption.  At the Brewhouse Studios I can release my inner self and see where my journey takes me. 


Having started at home making children’s clothes, then more abstract artwork with fabrics, I have discovered a true love for fibre, especially wool.  Living here in Cumbria, there is no shortage of raw materials, and I try to buy my fleeces from local farmers and smallholders.  The amazing shapes you can create and the way wool and other natural fibres fuse together fascinates, while the sensory nature of the materials calms the soul.

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