Simon Turner

I am currently working on expressionist portraits and landscapes. I produce images on my iPad, primarily in black and white as I love the speed and simplicity.

My technique has developed over the last year after committing to draw every day until I could realise a career as an artist. I suffered from snow blindness for a couple of days last year when hill-walking but was determined to continue with my daily drawings so I had no choice but to draw with my eyes closed. When I was able to briefly open my eyes long enough to see the drawing I was amazed with what I had drawn and loved the process so I continued to draw with my eyes closed.

I now use these drawings as a basis for my work, adding the finer details to create what I hope are really striking images.

I work with people who suffer from addiction and mental illnesses as I have suffered from addiction and want to find a way to help others and draw attention to this subject by sharing their story through my images.



Instagram - si_art1


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