BeeSpoke Cycle Repairs


Robert Bee is the founder of BeeSpoke Cycle Repairs. 

As a lifelong cyclist, he has mastered fixing his own bikes and over the past 25 years has served as a mechanic in bike workshops from Edinburgh to Italy, adapting to the massive changes in cycle technology through the years. A natural curiosity and desire to learn and improve, enhanced with mentoring from top mechanics has provided the platform to launch BeeSpoke. 

His personal philosophy is to fix bikes at a high standard and at a reasonable cost. And as every bike and repair is different, a bespoke approach is needed, hence the name.


Robert has competed in all manners of cycling, from mountain biking to road racing, cyclocross to triathlon, so he knows bikes, and whatever your level, he’ll strive to get you back on two wheels, fast.


When Robert isn’t in the workshop, he’ll be out running up a hill somewhere, listening to his Bowie albums or painting. 


He can be contacted on his mobile; 07532498305, email;



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