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- Change in Opening Hours -

Please note that we are now closed on Tuesdays

April in the Gallery

Welcome to 'Freedom', an exhibition that's all about the raw reaction art stirs within us.

Mike Hall   

Mike Hall #8.jpg

All art evokes a response in us – whether you like a picture or not is a choice, and that choice is founded in Freedom. To feel something and then express it is freedom. I’ve created pieces to inspire you and to give you something to respond to. Some are very abstract, and full of colour, some less so.

How you respond is your choice.

I'm Mike Hall. My craft? Tailored art with a punch, for places where life happens - be it the quiet corners of a home or the buzzing halls of an office. This exhibition is my ode to freedom. It's me, sharing my craft, my 'why', and splashing a bit of colour into every nook and cranny that's grown too used to the grey.

MJH ArtStudio was born from a simple idea: spaces should be alive, thrumming with imagination and hues. I believe the spaces we live and work in don’t have to be boring or bland. You can surround yourself with inspiration and colour.


I cut my teeth in technical illustration back in the '80s, and with more than three decades in the trenches of marketing, 

illustration and design, I've got a knack for blending

the beautiful with the practical.


I’ve worked extensively with large blue-chip companies, SMEs, and start-ups, applying my expertise to a variety of business sectors. I spent 30 years working for an agency, working my way up from technical illustrator to being Managing Director. After that I spent another seven years setting-up and jointly running a new marketing agency before returning to my true passion

- creating art.

Coming to the Gallery in May

Sarah Blackett-Ord May'24 #2.jpg

My Changing World



Sarah Blackett-Ord 

An exhibition of watercolour

paintings and drawings.


Landscapes, buildings and still life


Northumberland, London and the Far East.


Run entirely by volunteers, Allendale Forge Studios is a unique attraction where visitors

can meet local artists, shop, enjoy delicious home-cooked food and explore the surrounding area. 

The gallery hosts monthly exhibitions, the shop is full of high quality handmade gifts from northern makers, and artists' work is displayed throughout the building. 


BIRCH TREES, forge april 2021.jpg

We look forward to seeing you ...

Open 6 days a week (closed on Tuesdays):

October to March: Forge Café 9am - 4pm (10am - 4pm Sundays)  Gallery & Gift Shop 10am - 4pm

April to September: Forge Café 9am - 5pm    Gallery & Gift Shop 10am - 5pm

Please note that on some holidays these hours may vary.  

Allendale Forge Studios, Market Place, Allendale Town, Nr Hexham, Northumberland, NE47 9BD  01434 683975

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