Carving in Wood & Stone

by Pete Graham, stonemason, sculptor and printmaker

Pete Graham The art of carving has a long and distinguished history but its practitioners are now few and far between. North East sculptor Pete Graham is doubly unusual because he works in both stone and wood. Pete is exhibiting a selection of recent works at the Allendale Forge Studios during this year.

One of his best known works is a large dragon’s head inspired by the four massive stone heads that stand guard outside the National Trust’s Wallington Hall near Morpeth. Pete sold this work at his Forge gallery exhibition and we look forward to seeing Pete’s new work.

Pete also runs a series of carving courses at the Forge Studios.  “I’ve had a great response to my courses from people in the Hexham and Allendale area, I’m looking forward to showing my work at the Forge Studios and to running some more courses later in the year.